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Xori is a business group focused on creating solutions to the challenges of our clients. We were born from the vision of those wanting to add value that is felt across all areas: social, economic, and environmental.


Xori Group is composed by a highly specialised and multidisciplinary team that gives an all-encompassing answer: engineers, designers, project managers, efficiency consultants, and business consultants who work together to provide the most suitable solutions.

  • Construction management


    We take care of the project at all stages, from feasibility analysis through design to site management, construction supervision and safety. We cover all civil and industrial engineering services with teams dedicated to design: architectural, urban planning and landscaping, energy, plant engineering, fire protection, acoustics and structural design. We understand the importance of delivering projects on time, on budget and to the highest quality standards. Our team of experts works closely with customers to ensure that their vision becomes a reality, taking care of every detail along the way.
  • Energy management


    We accompany the customer on a path of sustainable growth, with the aim of reducing energy costs and improving the impact on the environment. We identify areas for improvement by developing customised solutions to optimise the company in terms of energy efficiency.
  • Project management


    We provide end-to-end project management, from planning to monitoring, ensuring that projects are completed on time, on budget and to the highest quality standards. Our team of experts works closely with customers on a daily basis to ensure that their vision becomes reality, managing every aspect of the project with precision and care.
  • Real estate


    Our Real Estate services are designed to help investors navigate the complexities of a dynamic and complex market. From asset scouting to due diligence, our team of experts provides the commercial and technical analysis needed to carefully evaluate each potential investment. We work closely with our clients to provide all the information needed to achieve their objectives.
  • Infrastructure design


    Infrastructure design brings together the experience and many of the services offered in our group. Our infrastructure design services are based on the principles of innovation and creativity, ensuring that any project is truly unique and tailored to each specific need. Our team of experts combines technical and management skills to develop solutions that ensure optimal performance and the best cost-benefit ratio.
  • Funds and incentives


    Our team provides customised support to help you navigate the complex landscape of incentives and funding opportunities. From bank commissioning to PNRR management via bonuses and state incentives, we offer knowledge of complete solutions to meet your specific needs.
  • Sales & marketing


    We accompany our clients in enhancing their business through targeted strategies, offering sales & marketing related services with high technical and professional content. We develop sustainable growth to help companies find suitable solutions, providing the support needed to develop sales networks, expand networks and maximise profits and business performance.


We are able to take a holistic approach to each area we deal with through the support of more than 180 internal resources with cross-functional expertise.

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