Your tailor made energy solutions

We provide customised and tailor-made energy solutions by assessing the needs of each customer and complying with current obligations and regulations.

We are convinced that energy is the main driver of our economy and daily life, which is why we are committed to providing the best possible service with innovative and sustainable offers aimed at saving money and reducing environmental impact.

The Xori Group employs state-of-the-art technology and highly qualified professionals, including researchers from the Politecnico di Torino, who support the transition to a system based on renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and hydroelectric power on a daily basis.

Energy Management

Analyse, improve, monitor.

Our team carries out an analysis of the building’s energy consumption, following one or more on-site inspections, identifying critical points and inefficiencies in the system. This identifies the necessary actions and builds a tailor-made solution to reduce consumption and supply costs and improve the energy efficiency of the building. We measure electricity and heat consumption in order to monitor trends over time and detect any anomalies or waste.

Consumption monitoring makes it possible to assess the effectiveness of the improvement actions introduced thanks to the energy diagnosis, offering the possibility of making changes and further optimising energy consumption.

Both tools are key to improving the energy efficiency of the building and reducing running costs. Well-designed energy diagnosis and consumption monitoring can save money, improve users’ quality of life, and reduce environmental impact.


Energy Diagnosis

Monitoring Consumption

Energy data analysis and processing

Energy modelling

Technical project report and QTE

Business Plan and incentive interception

Energy Efficiency Interventions

Technical Audit

Feasibility analysis and resource optimisation are two key tools to ensure efficient and sustainable use of available resources.

The choice of an energy source or energy production system must take into account numerous factors, including resource availability, cost, sustainability and environmental compatibility.

Our team of experts examines the technical and economic feasibility of a project or idea. Thanks to this analysis, possible critical issues and risk factors can be identified, allowing informed decisions to be made on project implementation.

Efficient use of available resources cannot be omitted, in order to reduce waste and maximise energy efficiency. Resource optimisation is particularly important in a context where resources are limited or expensive, such as in the case of energy


Technical-economic study of the building or process

Technical report

Energy model construction

Business Plan and Technical and Economic Framework

Renewable Energies

Produce and share energy.

Our Group promotes all initiatives aimed at environmental sustainability, among them the Renewable Energy Communities (RECs) are one of the cornerstones of the ecological transition taking place in our country. With this solution, community members can share sustainably produced energy and reduce energy costs, while promoting energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Self-consumption groups, on the other hand, consist of a group of users who share a renewable energy production system and use it solely for their own consumption. This solution allows group members to reduce energy costs and promote energy efficiency, without the need to rely on fossil fuels

Finally, agri-voltaics is a solution that consists of using agricultural land for the production of solar energy through the installation of photovoltaic panels. This solution allows agricultural land to be used in a sustainable way, promoting renewable energy production and energy efficiency, and improving crop yields.

The three solutions are aimed at improving the lives of local communities and the surrounding environment.

Our team of experts can provide customised solutions for the implementation of these solutions, starting with the technical analysis and evaluating possible incentives we follow the customer through the administrative process up to project execution.


Area/surface study

Analysis of the territorial context

Plant dimensioning

Evaluation of energy balances

Technical-economic feasibility assessments

Drafting the investment business plan

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