We are able to take a holistic approach to each area we deal with through the support of more than 180 internal resources with cross-functional expertise.


We develop residential solutions in line with the times and the evolution of household sizes, using the best technologies for efficiency and consumption reduction without neglecting the development of aesthetic and functional concepts always aligned with the environmental requirements. Whether it is a new building, a renovation or an extension, we always consider all requirements from a livability and sustainability point of view.

Industrial & logistics

We study the evolution of industrial processes and develop solutions for production facilities, warehouses and logistical depots that will last for years, with a focus on optimising the use of resources and reducing environmental impact.

Through the use of BIM and the most advanced design techniques, we work towards ever greater efficiency in the construction, use and maintenance of structures.


We help our customers plan the mobility of the future, from advice on initial investments to the design and research of new technologies.

Roads, bridges, railways and airports last for hundreds of years and are crucial for economic and social development. This is why we think in perspective, considering the growing number of users, limited budgets for construction and maintenance, safety and service expectations of customers.


We shape sustainable cities by planning and designing, developing and redeveloping the spaces of the future.

We work to improve transport connectivity, achieve cleaner air, provide better access to health and education facilities, and stimulate greater economic activity, aware that all cities, of all sizes, face the challenges of development on a daily basis, and have to cope with the demands of a growing population, the fight against air pollution, and the need to improve economic opportunities.


With a multi-disciplinary team of engineers, architects and technical specialists, we have developed extensive experience in planning and implementing healthcare facilities and supporting high-quality healthcare operations by aligning people, processes and resources.

We are aware that modern healthcare is energy-intensive and the increasing use of medical technology only increases the operating costs of hospitals and clinics, which is why we adopt an approach that ensures the highest level of energy efficiency of facilities, reducing costs, improving patient safety and increasing environmental sustainability.

Management/ Office

We study, define and create high quality working environments, evolving quickly and constantly to meet the challenges of the times.

The way we occupy spaces is changing, and we aim to create effective solutions, increasing usable surfaces and thinking in terms of native digital solutions, obviously always thinking in terms of optimisation and reduction of consumption and, thanks to the use of BIM, efficiency in the maintenance of structures.


We are at the forefront in the research, conception and promotion of hospitality-related projects, providing new operational, commercial and experiential standards.

We create and shape great experiences at all levels, from comfort to luxury. Our wide range of specialist skills, including lighting, acoustics, security, vertical transportation and landscaping, allows us to tackle the creation of an entire project concept in an integrated manner. The experience we have developed over the years also allows us to find solutions to industry challenges such as water management, waste disposal and efficient energy consumption management, improving overall comfort and operations.

Education/ training

From kindergartens to universities, from libraries to research laboratories, we shape the future of education.

We study, conceive and design spaces, transferring the technological knowledge and expertise we have developed over the years to the learning environments, creating comfortable spaces through careful study of lighting and acoustics.


We work with developers, clubs and sports facility managers to plan, build and manage user experience-rich projects. We develop economically sustainable facilities by pursuing new business models, including more flexible venues for sports and entertainment and integrated sports facilities in mixed-use developments.

Our sports projects not only involve building design, we provide general planning and site development, including energy consulting, infrastructure, waste management, drainage and all technical systems that enable the construction of facilities with lasting value.


We design successful points of sale with the aim of attracting people, stimulating their senses and encouraging sales. We design commercial developments with the aim of optimising the turnout and shopping experience without ignoring the essential considerations of flexibility, security, sustainability and long-term value.

Our capabilities are comprehensive and scalable. We can provide multidisciplinary engineering design services for a large shopping centre or design a refined lighting scheme for a boutique experience. We have the breadth and depth of expertise to meet a variety of needs, from a fire design for effective evacuation strategies to the study of flows to optimise the movement of thousands of people.

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