Institute for Innovation

 We combine in-depth analysis of market insights with applied research practices to identify the needs of the future and make them real and tangible. We incubate the most advanced technologies and apply them to new solutions and then train and inform our talents and partners.

We create a meeting point between research, innovation and education, with the aim of transcending conventional boundaries and reaching new heights of excellence.

Market trends
Data analysis
In-depth research
Emerging opportunities
Strategic insights


Marketing Insight Center

At Xori there is a team dedicated to analysing market trends and studying innovations in our target sectors. We are a group composed by passionate experts who work tirelessly to provide strategic information and innovative solutions to our employees and partners.

We believe that understanding market trends and staying at the forefront of innovations is essential for business success. Our research centre is committed to conducting in-depth research, analysing data and identifying emerging opportunities that can influence market dynamics.

Our approach is based on a mix of qualitative and quantitative research methods, integrating the experience of our team with the use of advanced tools and technologies.


Technology Application Lab

Our laboratory is a dynamic and stimulating space where we constantly explore the new frontiers of technology and translate them into practical solutions for real-world challenges.

With resources specialised in Digital Transformation, IOT and Artificial Intelligence, we try every day to implement new technologies with the services offered by the Group.

In the Technology Application Lab, we put our passion for technological innovation into practice through a collaborative and results-oriented working methodology.

Research methods
Multi-criteria analysis
Sustainable development
Innovation models
Technology adoption


Research and Development

We constantly invest in applied research to offer solutions that meet the needs of the market, our customers and promote sustainable development.

The profound synergy with research organisations and institutes allows us to present trends in the sectors in which we operate to their attention and to have a constant exchange with the academic world.

We define and develop innovative models and procedures, conducting multi-criteria analysis and using tools and knowledge from the worlds of energy, engineering, marketing and finance.

In a highly competitive and ever-changing market, this allows us to face challenges with more awareness and to be a first-mover in the development and adoption of new technologies in the services we provide.



At Xori Group, training and information are key to growth.

We make the applications and studies carried out by our institute available to resources, create relationships with external entities to build a network of expertise relevant to today’s market, thus spreading innovation and increasing internal expertise.

We offer internal and external training courses, actively involving the talents who contribute to our growth every day. We aim for professional development, personal growth and continuous updating on new technologies.

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