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Sales & Marketing

Our Sales and Marketing hub offers business consulting services to customers and partners by acting as a strategic intermediary between the players.

Flexibility and modularity allow us to integrate our expertise with the customer’s reality, providing an experienced team, acting as support in sales force development and sales process management. We define a marketing strategy, identifying and activating sales channels after a careful analysis of the market, target group and competitors and after identifying the potential and added value of the solution under consideration.

Sales force management

We recognise the fundamental importance of a competent and well-organised sales team in achieving business success. Our key account managers are experts in analysing and understanding the specific needs of our customers, offering customised solutions to best meet their requirements.

Our offer includes customised training for the sales team, coupled with advice on process management, sales network development and selling strategies. In addition, we provide access to the most innovative technologies available on the market in order to improve sales force management, efficiency and automate business activities.


Supporting and coaching sales activities

Sales process and sales network efficiency

Sales team generation

Marketing strategy development

With a strategic and results-oriented approach, we offer the expertise of a marketing team by integrating it into the client’s reality, in order to develop and manage strategies that generate a real impact on sales and company growth.

Integration leads us to work closely with the client’s organisation, taking into account its specificities and adapting market analyses and marketing strategies accordingly. This approach helps to ensure that the strategies implemented are relevant and in line with the company’s objectives and physical and economic resources.


Competitive arena analysis

Brand positioning

Commercial content creation

Activation of sales channels

Go To Market Campaigns

Business strategy development

We specialise in developing customised business strategies for our partners and customers. Our experience and expertise in different sectors allow us to carefully analyse market dynamics and the specific needs of each company in order to create effective and targeted business planning solutions.

We have a network of salespeople and key account managers who operate with an approach based on in-depth analysis of market data, evaluation of trends and knowledge of best practices in the relevant sectors. We use advanced tools and methodologies to identify growth opportunities, optimise sales processes and improve overall company performance.


Definition of the company's business plan

Network expansion

Defining sales targets

Revenue generation

Customer loyalty

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