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Engineering & Design

Engineering and Design are two closely interconnected disciplines that take shape from a combination of technical, aesthetic and functional skills.

In order to guarantee the highest quality and yield of the final product, our group combines a set of procedures to transfer a feasible construction process into practice, taking care of every detail from the design study phase to the execution of a project.

This requires attention to multiple factors, including the choice of resources, selection of materials, verification of product functionality, knowledge of emerging technologies and care for the final output. The combination of these aspects contributes to a high quality and successful product on the market.

Integrated design

The tailor-made solution

We offer a wide range of engineering design services covering all activities required for construction or redevelopment works.

To ensure maximum efficiency and project quality, we use the advanced BIM system at all stages of design and construction management. This allows us to create, manage and share intelligent information on engineering works, reducing the risk of delays, unforeseen costs and improving the quality and safety of the works themselves.

Integrated design is an iterative process, flexible and capable of adapting to different contexts, to develop new and creative building solutions. The process is taken care of in all phases of the order, defining objectives and priorities according to the needs of the client and the actors involved.


Preliminary feasibility studies

Structural Design

Plant Design

Energy Design

Urban and Landscape Planning

Fire-fighting design

Architectural Design

Acoustic Design

BIM Modelling & Coordination

Works management and safety coordination

Site commissioning and design verification

Project Management

We offer the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to the activities of a project in order to achieve its objectives, maintaining constant control over activities and eliminating any problems in a timely manner.

For us, project management is an indispensable pillar in engineering projects, representing the set of back office and front office activities carried out by one or more dedicated and specialised figures.

The job of the project manager is to analyse, design, plan and realise the objectives of a given project, managing time, costs and required outcomes.


Stakeholder identification and management

Project planning

Time, cost and project quality management

Schedule management activities

Managing relations with public bodies and institutions

Monitoring of project risks and issues

Construction Management

Construction Management is a method of supervision and verification of the construction process aimed at monitoring all aspects of construction.

During the operational phase, it becomes essential to control the construction process on time, actively managing costs and controlling risks at individual stages.

The Construction Manager works closely with the various technical and production managers, ensuring careful direction of the work and that activities are carried out effectively and efficiently. In this way, a high level of quality is guaranteed in the realisation of the project, without neglecting the safety aspects of the construction site, the timetable and compliance with the regulations in force.


Cost, time and quality monitoring of the construction site

Construction management

Safety coordination during execution

Monitoring of work progress

Risk Management

Interior Design

Interior design is the discipline that deals with the design of interior spaces, a mix of architecture and design, fully mastering the themes of space, functionality, style and all the necessary intersections.

Our main goal is to experiment with new connections between different architectural styles and materials. The leap in scale adds a new design eye to the project, which allows and requires increasing attention to detail, correspondences and proportions generated by overlapping materials and patterns.

The experience and expertise of our interior designers leads to the creation of unique and original environments, where comfort and aesthetics come together in a perfect balance.

Infrastructure design

The synergy between the services we offer, which are complementary and transversal, allows our group to help our customers plan the mobility of the future, from consulting on initial investments to designing and researching new technologies in the world of infrastructure.

We develop preliminary intervention proposals, operate during the design phase and ensure our presence during the construction management phase, all supported by Project Managers and Construction Managers who monitor the project and execution at every stage.

We put safety first, addressing seismic issues as well as fire, lighting and traffic, and offer solutions to improve energy efficiency.

Infrastructure design involves significant investment and requires global experience and expertise, an integrated vision that brings sustainable, efficient and quality solutions.


Architectural Design

Structural Design

Plant Design

Acoustic Design

Project Management

Fire design

Lighting design

Works management and safety coordination

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