Xori Group offers a consultancy service based on the analysis and study of mutual funds and government incentives to help companies identify and seize the financing opportunities available in the construction, energy and industrial sectors.

Incentives and funding are important tools to promote structural safety, energy efficiency, environmental sustainability, innovation and digitisation, but often companies are not aware of all the opportunities available to them or do not know how to access them.

Our group offers a solution to this problem, providing customers with a team of industry experts who can accompany the partner all the way. From the interception of the call for tenders, the verification of access requirements and compatibility with the interventions to be implemented, to the preparation of the project documentation, the receipt of funding, and the final design for the implementation of the interventions. The aim is also to bring the customer to implement new technologies, create and develop high-tech businesses through PNRR funds with the national ‘Industry 4.0’ plan and investments in tangible or intangible assets. The latter consists of promoting digitisation and competitive strengthening of the national production fabric to attract investors, improve brand reputation and achieve high levels of production efficiency.

Tenders and Incentives

The construction and energy sector is characterised by a wide range of tenders and incentives, available at regional, national and European level. Financial instruments such as FESR, PNRR and INDUSTRY 4.0 are crucial to promote the development and deployment of renewable energy sources, to support research and development of sustainable technologies and to incentivise the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

However, the multiplicity of available calls and incentives can make it difficult for companies and organisations to find the most suitable funding opportunities for their needs and projects.

This is why Xori Group provides a comprehensive research, analysis and consultancy service, intercepting available calls and incentives, supporting in the compilation of funding applications and interaction with the relevant authorities. In this way, our team can help clients identify the most suitable funding opportunities for their projects, as well as implement and monitor interventions.


Sworn technical expertise 4.0

Intercepting offers

Preparation of application for access

Results Monitoring

Implementation of interventions

Technical support for reporting

ESG Advisory

We guide companies towards a responsible and successful future

With stakeholders and consumers increasingly demanding greater commitment and more concrete actions on the front end Enviromental, Social and of Governance (ESG), companies are required to demonstrate that they have credible sustainability goals, adhere to the best ethical standards, and operate transparently and responsibly throughout the value chain.

With in-depth industry knowledge, we help organisations integrate and enhance sustainability in the business, leveraging increased awareness to create new sources of value.


Due diligence e scoring ESG

Strategic path of improvement and areas of intervention

Regulatory and legal compliance

Accompanying sustainability reporting according to the GRI standard

Revisiting the BMC, Brand Identity and Sustainability Communication

Bank Commissioning

Bank commissioning is a technical due diligence activity to verify the completeness of the documentation, the presence of and compliance with the minimum legal technical requirements on the project for the issuance of the conformity certificate.

This service is aimed at private or corporate clients, managers, investors, general contractors and construction companies that intend to purchase tax credits from building tax bonuses and want to check them in advance for goodness, document completeness, presence and compliance with the minimum technical requirements of the law.

We also address tax and accounting auditors, accountants, tax and legal firms, and entities authorised by the Inland Revenue Agency, offering them support in the technical verification of projects for the issuance of the compliance visa and the communication to the Inland Revenue Agency. We perform a complete analysis of the entire file, producing a verification report and delivering a final outcome of the risk profile on the purchase.


Technical/administrative document control of the file being purchased

Verification of objective and subjective requirements

Verification of urban/building conformity

Verification of intended use in relation to the urban planning instrument in force and of any constraints

Verification of energy design

Verification of the classification of types of intervention

Analysis and verification of the estimated metric calculation made available

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