Energy certification: guide to compiling the APE

A guide to understand the peculiarities concerning the APE, which regulatory references to comply with and how to proceed with its compilation and uploading to the Regional Registers. Read the article

Condominium Practice Guide – Updated to Law No. 38 of April 11, 2023

This edition also shows specific attention to the issues raised by the legislation of the emergency phase of the COVID19 epidemic, particularly that related to the approval of energy efficiency interventions under Art. 119 of Decree Law no. 34 of 2020, converted by Law no. 77 of 2020, as amended: maintenance and renovation work, tax […]

The ABCs of Renewable Energy Communities.

Renewable Energy Communities represent an important opportunity to address the ecological transition, mitigating the effects of fossil fuel pollution and increasing the share of energy produced from renewable sources. A renewable energy community is a not-for-profit legal entity to which individuals, businesses and public administrations can voluntarily join with the aim of generating economic, environmental […]

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