Xori Group

Xori Group was founded with the desire to integrate several companies offering services in engineering and architectural design, energy and strategic consulting in sales and marketing to provide unique and innovative solutions.

A holding company created with the firm intention of adding value in the social, environmental and economic fields because it brings real well-being to the society of which we are a part.

This desire to generate a positive and sustainable impact on our environment is what fuels the work of a dedicated, multidisciplinary and highly specialized team.

Our methodology: innovation, resource optimization and concreteness

The methodology of the different group companies has a common link: it draws on the tradition of engineering and architecture, as well as on research applied to ongoing projects.

To this end, our Research & Development Business Unit collaborates with research groups at the Polytechnic University of Turin to bring the latest advances in engineering and energy efficiency to the projects developed.

In addition, we offer a multidisciplinary vision by coordinating professionals from different academic backgrounds: engineers, architects, designers, project managers and consultants.

They all have the same common goal: to create tangible value together with clients and partners, and in order to optimize resources to develop sustainable and lasting projects.

It is important to offer concrete solutions that can provide specific answers and are appropriate to the challenges posed.

Our Path

The first company in the group was Studio Rollino, an architectural firm founded in Fubine Monferrato by Flavio Rollino. Later his son, Luca Rollino, finished his degree in engineering and architecture and began working within the company.

He decided to move the office to Turin while expanding the company’s services by offering engineering projects.

A little later, in 2015, another adventure began, Luca Rollino founded C2R Energy Consulting together with a group of researchers and professors from the Polytechnic University of Turin. C2R Energy Consulting is an innovative start-up, established to provide energy consulting.

In 2021, Arsing, an engineering company offering consulting and design services in the field of infrastructure, was established. Studio Rollino’s exponential growth led Luca Rollino to found LESS, an engineering and architectural design firm with a focus on civil, structural, and energy design.

More recently, CoreSales was established, a consulting firm that accompanies its clients in creating and enhancing their business through the sustainable development and implementation of strategic plans in sales and marketing.

The synergy between these companies, which offer comprehensive engineering, architecture, and business consulting services, led to the creation of Xori, a holding company that allows clients’ projects to be developed in an integrated and integral manner thanks to a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary team.

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